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  1. KY has some seriously awesome riding...for the experienced to the novice there is plenty to go around...Black mountain in Harlan county is certainly some of the best riding I have ever experienced....I am headed down to the Daniel boone trails in Leslie county July 17-20. I hear that they're good but it's new to me. The Red Bird Crest trails and White Sulpher OHV areas managed by the forest service are also good places to check out if you're headed this way.
  2. Does anyone know anything about the Daniel Boone Trails in Leslie County KY? I'm headed down there the third weekend in July and can't seem to find much information about the area or trail maps for that matter...Oh well that's what they make GPS for... I heard that there was an uproar with the county judge and the local ATV club that had been seeing to those trails and now the club is not affiliated any longer...Perhaps I need to look for another area in KY to ride...Any suggestions???
  3. My husband and I are headed down to Leslie County, KY next weekend to try out the Daniel Boone Trails...I heard that they're pretty awesome and it's a bit closer than Evarts...
  4. Bracken county...I go riding in Harlan County at Black Mountain...It's freakin' awesome down there...
  5. Hey y'all! Just wanted to say thanks for creating such an awesome web presence for ATV lovers!! Drop me a line... Ella

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