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  1. im pretty sure my rear shock jus needs to be tightened cuz its as loose as it can b
  2. there on the top, but im sure i can go pik up a spanner wrench 2morrow could the shock jus b worn out? b cuz the guy b 4 me wuz 265 lbs, so if shocks get worn out that may b y
  3. but yea i didnt get a tool kit cuz i got it used n the guy didnt give me oneeee
  4. so if i have to turn the little rings, do i wanna make the spring shorter or longerr? for stifness
  5. i didnt get a tool bag cuz it wuz used but wut is a spanner wrench?? and my resevoir doesnt have a place for a black knob theres no way one couldve been on there
  6. its an 05, i found sum specs it says its gotta treaded preload adjust ment w e that is lol
  7. umm i dont c a screw anywere on the bak shock were exactly on the shock is it??
  8. ya i need it stiffer thanx ima do it right now
  9. i jus traded for a 2005 raptor 350, and the back shock is very bouncy i guess u could say but im like 165 and i sit and it flexes down very far, and i caught like a foot of air and it bottoms out can neone help me with this??

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