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  2. I've got a beater 84 honda trx that instantly starts smoking and gets really hot from it looks like the exhaust pipe coming out of the motor on the right side of the machine. When I fire it up it starts getting hot. Any suggestions would be awesome! Thanks so much
  3. I've got a 84 trx 200 and recently it started smoking instantly under the exhaust manifold. This happens right when I fire it up. Any ideas of what it could be? Thanks for all your help! - Dave
  4. Hi there, I have 84 trx 200.It's just a beater machine that I picked for cheap. It runs fine, but there is a lot of play in the front end of the machine. Just wondering if it could be a tie rod maybe? hoping it will be an easy fix? But I have my doubts on that one.? Any leads or suggestions would be be awesome! Thanks and happy 4th! - Dave
  5. Ok, it's starts with starting fluid so that means there is spark correct? I cleaned the fuel line also. That little adjuster on the side of the carb controls the flow of fuel? It seemed like it wanted to start a couple of times when I messed with it at first. But nothing now. Not sure where it should be dialed to at this point? Thanks again! Dzve
  6. Yes I did and took out all the jets as well. Going to get staring fluid today.
  7. Hey thanks for your help. It has been sitting all winter with a quarter of a tank in it. The inside of the tank is rusting so I am in the process of cleaning it out now. I'm sorry, is the intake where the filter is ? Right in front of the battery if the seat is taken off? Thanks again!! Dave
  8. Hi thanks for letting new subscribers to your forum. I have a problem with my 84 Honda 200 trx not starting. I cleaned out the carb and changed the spark plug and still no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Could it be bad gas? Thanks dave

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