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  1. This unit has found a new home. I still have a quad and ATC...
  2. Seymore


  3. Ok, so I suspect I know the answer, but... Running realllllly rich. fouling the plug bad. The choke cable assy, where it meets the carb, is a sweeping plastic piece that screws into the carb body. This is just a cable guide, but sealed from outside air, right? On mine, this plastic piece is cracked thru/broken and letting air into the system. Mine is different, but shows as #35, here:
  4. Yea, no maintenance since he got it used, ~2 years ago... and before that, who knows? I was wondering why there was always a big puddle of fuel in the airbox. Now I know! Oh, this is someone else's farm. Not mine. We'll see how soon (if/when) I get a call back on this. He did mention that it is now "surging". I suspect old fuel. Will be draining the old and replacing it with fresh non-eth.
  5. Yea, understood man. Thanks. I have a local Suzi dealer. I think I'll keep my local guys in business for a while longer... till I figure out where this thing is going. Still not running quite right. Running really rich. Need to pull the carb again. I've had hit-n-miss experiences with online dealings. At least this way, local, I have someone to talk to (face-2-face or a call) if issues arise. The oils/air/plug and a few spring clamps cost me just a shade under 50. At least I'll not need to do the $24 air filter for a while. 😳 Yea, used plastics seem like hens teeth... guess this is right place/right time to get used on these. I'll keep my eyes open. I've seen the Meiyer (sp?) plastics, a bit to pricey for me.
  6. RE: oil and the clutch. So, I also ride 70's KZ street bikes and know all about what oils need to be used in a wet clutch situation. This is with clutch plates and a cable that will disengage them. JASO oil needs to be used. NO FRICTION MODIFIERS! (as is used in newer oils, these days) I'm not familiar with the LT clutch. Is it a centrifugal clutch? Are there plates involved? Are there special oil needs for these older engines? Please, educate me.
  7. I do have a few questions. If you have a thought, please share. 1. Where is the best site to locate Suzi PN's? I have the Service Manual PDF, but I didn't find a PN for the air filter, as an example. 2. And, what about parts? Do you goto local Suzi (dealer) or online 3rd parties? If 3rd party, whom? 3. Speaking of parts. I will really need a rear plastic for this ride. The RR fender is all but gone. Are they still available? Thanks guys!
  8. I made my intro about a QuadRunner I was working on and found a multitude of problems. Most I fixed, but I'm thinking that I'll be making more trips to see the 90' LT-250/4WD. Age and needing regular attention is the reason. The owner, NOT being mechanically inclined, adds into the equation. So, I deliver it and was offered, as payment, a 95' LT-250/4WD, with paper. It didn't run and had been sitting outside for last 12+ months. It was (basically) all there. This happened Saturday and this "Barn Find" came home to live out it's final years (I suspect). Today I finally found time to look at her. Not a pretty sight. Rough life, many hrs....... MANY! Only 2399mi, but the speedo is disco'd. I just want to know if this will be worth pursuing. First things first, a really good cleaning. I hate working on dirty vehicles. The battery actually took and held a charge! The carb was pulled, cleaned and the tank drained. Found a broken orange wire, dangling loose, near the carb. It was hot when the key was on and ended up connecting to a 10A fuse block. Well, I wonder why it didn't run???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Carb back on, fresh non-eth fuel, had to remove the air filter for this test (needs replacement), sprayed a little ether..... hit the starter, fired and died. Third time's a charm, she runs. I'll be going thru things as I can and questions will follow, in this thread. WOOHOO!!!
  9. Yea, I know.... should start a new thread. So, the oil (If you wanta call it that) was almost water. Flowed out freely! Oil/filter/seals, done. Still would not idle properly. Pulled the carb and found the main jet sitting in the bowl. That's NOT good. Reinstalled, buttoned everything back up and she's (almost) golden! Runs good, idles fine (for a 28yo ride) and will continue to work on a local farm. Thanks again AJM... and appreciate the reaction Grizzly! Cheers guys...
  10. Thanks for the info and the welcome AJM. Had not discovered that link, sweeeeeeeeeeet! Ol, KZ rider here. Been knuckle busting for a few decades now, hope to get more info and contribute here, as I can. Cheers!
  11. Working on a buddys LT250, found the vin: JSAAJ45a 9L2106329 Get some help with the year? He didn't know, thinks it's a late 80's. This one needs lotsa luv! Thanks.

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