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  1. I'm picking Obama because he promised me I wouldn't have to pay any more capital gain taxes for my small business in a commercial.. that would help so mush with business.. but wait... Oh crap..... Hold on... Small business's are exempt from capitol gains tax already aren't they?? In the end we would end up paying more on income tax, but be able to compensate and line our pockets with money that doesn't exist!! LoL..

    Obama offers alot of big lofty changes.. In a perfect world and a socialistic government, where we all love eachother and pay people just to be here with money we didn't earn, this would be great!.. If he was standing for such a large change, why has our economy nose dived since he and friends have came into power in the Senate???????????? They have more say in the economy than the president does..

    Have any of you noticed gas prices lately?? 2.17 a gallon here in GA.. $2 dollar drop in under 2 months..????? There is your dying economy. It was sky high while our economy fell, but gas dropped when the world's economy shook last month. Gas companies realized their record earnings were gonna disappear for 2 things:

    1.. U.S. Depression, Global recession.. no buyers in the market....

    2.. Our leaders push for local drilling.. and the snake feeding the terrorist in the middle east is

    Beheaded!, our money stays on OUR SHORES..

    If you want to talk about money disappearing to the war in Iraq....... Ok, tell me how much of that money was spent on foreign resources, and how much was spent on domestic goods and human resources that ultimately boost our economy.. I beleive the majority of that money never left our shores?? Correct me if i'm wrong please..

    Personaly, i dont agree with everything Bush has done, there were alot of things he needed to deal with that got ignored, but he also has been pretty distracted by this war, and everybody around him playing partisan politics.. Our economy has nearly been bled to death, not by Bush, Not by this war, But by the Oil Companies that are trying to put a bandage on the hole their knife made in our back. their bandage will work if its not to late. If gas prices fall a little more or just stay whare they are, it will take 2 years to get back on track and begin to move on. Politicians will begin to take credit for an economy they have not assisted. Democrats say they will have our economy strong if they get in.. Our economy staggering to its feet without their help right now.

    So what good is a good economy without national security. I'm voting for McCain because he will take care of business in the military aspect so our economy will be shored up by a military that is ready to protect it.!

    Just my 2 cents... Ya daddy loves ya! Go vote and make it count!

  2. It has a lot to do with the what kind of fuel you run.. i've also heard that if one runs lean that it causes it more frequently. My friends 08 started that after his new HMF full system. another friends started after race fuel. Mine has never done it. Both of theirs stopped after being EGA'd and were apparently running too lean.:confused: so if you live in high elevations and it still has the stock non-adjustable air fuel screw, that may be whats causing it.:wink: but egt's that cause glowing pipes aren't directly related to Engine temp as whole, just means fuel mixture is lean for the type of fuel. get a fuel screw and get it adjusted and jetted right for your elevation, fuel, intake and exhaust. I'm no mechanic, but i beleive that would releive the problem and most of all add life to your valves and topend... ESPECIALLY if its running lean!!

    Good luck with it and keep us posted on what you find out!!

    Whats your riding elevation in Oregon??:wink:

    and Bot, has that WR still have the bone stock non-adjustable carb? or has it been adjusted and still does it?? let me know:biggrin:

  3. Well I'm at home in the woods!!!:wink: but a friend and I went to the FMF indoor winter series(MX) last year just to play, we Both took turns riding this stock LT-r, he got 2nd in the beginner class, and i got 5th in the Intermediate.. It was fun! and being held indoor, the tracks are very tight and no MASSIVE air,, so we're going to run the whole series for the heck of it this winter just for fun..lol. we're gonna be traveling over 4 hours each of the indoor races, from Asheville to Knoxville..:autoc:

    about those races your considering.. I would hit them up if i were you!!

    you know you want to0:wink: have fun, Good Luck and BE SAFE up there at the GNCC race!! I'm gonna try my best to hit them all next year!!

  4. adammmm TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! while riding is fun, racing is a whole other level....especially when you have friends that do it with you...in my class here in NY I've got 3 other regular girls and we're all really good friends on and off the track..and it makes us super competitive....

    yeah we talk smack to each other but in the end its all about doing your best and having fun....we just finished our season today, i'll definitely miss not seein them nearly every weekend...and i'll miss the adrenaline that pumps through my veins while i'm waiting for the green flag to fly.....

    hahaha!! nothing will mess with you quiet like a dead engine start huh wheeler??? lol!! thats a major advantage most 400's like yours have over the 450's.. I hate its the end of your season..:no: its hard walking away after all that.. my last "season" race is this coming sunday.. but hopefully i'll be able to run an indoor MX series this winter to stay in shape and get out of the house!..:woot: Maybe you can find something like that to stay involved while its too cold this winter..:wiggle:

  5. no names to the quad. you build the quad from the frame up. then you name it wat you want. theres no speedometer either. the AI on this game is actaully pretty hard.

    Well I'll just stick with the old school ATV off-road Fury 2!! Where i can ride my pretty yellow DS and jump mountains and Barns and fall off the face of the earth occasionally:shoot: one day i'll have a 360 tho..

  6. the day i DONT ride for fun is the day i sell them!! I always ride for fun! i just do it in the local pro-class most of the time now.lol.:gnorsic::doa16: I encourage everybody that has any amount of seat time on a quad to get involved at a local level race sometime:yes: It's a blast just to get out and get involved with other riders.. there are alot more ppl than you think that just go for fun!! Not Blood.. and not everybody is as fast as they claim to be.. GET INVOLVED!! You'll be glad you did!!:chicken:

  7. So i found out what that ball was, i was looking in the manual for once finding out what it is and the bearing looking thing is on the inside of the clutch cover theres a pin that moves on a bearing and the metal ball rest on the end of that pin

    wait until it come times for the shifting mechanism, drum and shift forks...:aargh: good luck.. are you uing your 06 crank, cylinder and piston??

  8. thats exactly wat i like about the frame. how narrow the frame is and how long the a arms are.

    another fault to the kfx is in some cases the EFI will make the quad a bit of a b*tch to start. so if your racing xc or something or any racing that starts with a dead engine you might need to reconsider. as far as i kno suzuki is working on a mechanism for the ltr's EFI to make it start easier for chris borich's quad, so this same mechanism will be eventually made for the KFX. again i have only heard from ppl about these problems i myself have never experienced them.

    by the way... check out the frame on the new YFZr between the a-arms..:biggrin: and it's engineered right:wink:

    one of the main problems Borich is having with the lt-r is efi not engaging quick enough.. most everybody has heard this issue, but another issue that is not discussed about his quad has a kick start.. he has to kick twice from what i've heard(i'll stick with the happy button=0).. I've raced an LT-r in the last 2 races.. it fires right up every time after the second turn of the the motor, as long as i dont mash the gas before it hits... :shoot: i cant wait to see how Yam's new EFI will be like!

  9. I havent heard to0 many complaints by Normal everyday KFX riders... but i've never been passed by one.. I've always been passing..:prod: i've never rode one tho.. the ones i raced against seem kinda sluggish.. may have a lil to do with their weight.. the aluminum frame was meant to decrease weight, but in trying to strengthen it up it in turn ways more.. :confused: i've also saw a brand new one on the side of trail because on of the front arm bolts broke beside the frame on a smooth fire road..:skeptic: he said that he was just cruising.. and next thing he knew he was over the handle bars............ What part of the geometry of the frame do you like?? The bottom a'arms are very close together which is a plus,(longer a-arms= better handling and ride) but the caster is strange with factory a-arms so they are really twitchy at high speeds and it wont track straight in the rough stuff which can make for an interesting spill.... but it also makes one extremely nimble in slow speed tight trails..

    what type of riding do you do most??

  10. John McCain and Barack Obama somehow ended up at the same barbershop.

    As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. The barbers were even afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics.

    As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Obama in his chair reached for the aftershave.

    Obama was quick to stop him saying, 'No thanks, my wife Michelle will smell that and think I've been in a whorehouse,'

    The second barber turned to McCain and said, 'How about you?'

    McCain replied, 'Go ahead, my wife doesn't know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like.'


  11. That is the one thing that sucks about Colorado. We have some epic trails up here and there are NO racing series out here. Unless you race mx.

    Man i wish i could come check those trails out one day!! i've always been suprised why there is such a lack of cross country, off road, and harescramble type races out your way:confused:

  12. All I have to say is who has the most victories in every kind of quad racing?

    I would love to see you guys try and rip through the trails up here on a quad that is 50" wide. Most of the trails are 50" wide. That is why most GNCC racers run between 46"-48".

    Different offset wheels in the front would knock it down to around 48".. i enjoyed passing the red 450's that were snagging trees and couldn't make the hill climbs:doa16:

  13. Yup new exhaust and pegs too. Looks like Honda will be the last mfg with a carbureted 450.

    i thought the new KTM's were still carb'd 2?? I love the new style and changes, minus the headlights are to high up in the plastic, and that friggin red seat cover looks like:vommit:... that seat design looks like it would be extremely comfortable!!! cause my tail is sore from th LT-r i raced yesterday:aargh::aargh:.. 50 inches can be handled in a tight hairscramble:wink::weapon: cause that lt-r led half the race in an tight pine thicket.

    All that yfz needs is a set of 4-1 off-set wheels with razr 2's and a set of 20 razrs on the back and it would be a woods rocket!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:

  14. good question!! i think the bore, stroke and head are the same, i think it was a piston change.. not for sure tho. let me know what you find out its something besides the piston. just get an R6 motor if you have to modify motor mounts:biggrin:

  15. Personally, i dont think he could have done any better out of who is out there, yeah she has family issues.. but she is sharp as a tack and has a great eye to pick through the political B.S... :rantc:

    I dk know if you heard about some feds and special interest groups were wanting to put polar bears on the endangered species list?? They are trying to play on peoples hearts and get support for that, and it sounds like a great idea..But she was the first to buck and pulled bear population records, and they are at a 40 year high and on the verge of over population.. she did her homework and bucked:smackbum:.. despite the bleeding hearts that are just trying to fool the american ppl into uknowingly supporting their hiden agenda. (if they had made it happened it would have blocked off ALL oil and natural gas drilling in alaska). AND BEWARE!! THOSE SAME GROUPS ARE AFTER OUR RIDING AREAS!!!!!!:skeptic:

    I honestly think that she would get in there and serve the needs of the population as a whole, instead of feeding lies for personal popularity. This is a very important office and a real job that needs filled. Not a prime time political news show that needs a new smoothtalking host.....:cool:..

    I'm not a big fan of McCain, I think his brain gets a lil foggy sometimes, but he can fill the position sufficiently for now. Out of who we had run, Huckabee was my pick.. He never wavered beleifes for personal popularity.. I think Zell Miller(DEM) would be a better republican candidate(LOL!) than McCain.:laugh:

    And as for Obama, He changes like the wind for popularity:kissbutt:.. he is a smoothtalker, but has no true plan on accomplishing anything. He says he can fix the economy, and thats where all his votes and will come from.. but the only thing that can do that is the Feds dropping interest rates and tapping alaska and more offshore wells until hydrogen and other technologies are refined to the point of taking over the oil industry. even if the cost of crude didn't plumet from us becoming self suffecient, the money would stay in our economy, not over seas!!!!!!:aargh:

    And what good is a fixed economy WITH NO SECURITY TO PROTECT IT???:beatdeadhorse5c:

    thats just my :twocents: :wink: You guys have a good one!

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