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  1. I'm with you bot! I'm righting in Unicron for vice president!!:smilielol5c: he would have a strong stance on global affairs!! hahahahahahahaha!!
  2. I'm picking Obama because he promised me I wouldn't have to pay any more capital gain taxes for my small business in a commercial.. that would help so mush with business.. but wait... Oh crap..... Hold on... Small business's are exempt from capitol gains tax already aren't they?? In the end we would end up paying more on income tax, but be able to compensate and line our pockets with money that doesn't exist!! LoL.. Obama offers alot of big lofty changes.. In a perfect world and a socialistic government, where we all love eachother and pay people just to be here with money we didn't earn, this would be great!.. If he was standing for such a large change, why has our economy nose dived since he and friends have came into power in the Senate???????????? They have more say in the economy than the president does.. Have any of you noticed gas prices lately?? 2.17 a gallon here in GA.. $2 dollar drop in under 2 months..????? There is your dying economy. It was sky high while our economy fell, but gas dropped when the world's economy shook last month. Gas companies realized their record earnings were gonna disappear for 2 things: 1.. U.S. Depression, Global recession.. no buyers in the market.... 2.. Our leaders push for local drilling.. and the snake feeding the terrorist in the middle east is Beheaded!, our money stays on OUR SHORES.. If you want to talk about money disappearing to the war in Iraq....... Ok, tell me how much of that money was spent on foreign resources, and how much was spent on domestic goods and human resources that ultimately boost our economy.. I beleive the majority of that money never left our shores?? Correct me if i'm wrong please.. Personaly, i dont agree with everything Bush has done, there were alot of things he needed to deal with that got ignored, but he also has been pretty distracted by this war, and everybody around him playing partisan politics.. Our economy has nearly been bled to death, not by Bush, Not by this war, But by the Oil Companies that are trying to put a bandage on the hole their knife made in our back. their bandage will work if its not to late. If gas prices fall a little more or just stay whare they are, it will take 2 years to get back on track and begin to move on. Politicians will begin to take credit for an economy they have not assisted. Democrats say they will have our economy strong if they get in.. Our economy staggering to its feet without their help right now. So what good is a good economy without national security. I'm voting for McCain because he will take care of business in the military aspect so our economy will be shored up by a military that is ready to protect it.! Just my 2 cents... Ya daddy loves ya! Go vote and make it count!
  3. Come on with the SORCS series!!lol.. lets see how many trees we can pinball off of next season!!
  4. hey!! who borrowed my old atc110 without asking me MWKE?? lol.. what is that thing?

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