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  2. I want to change oil in these three machines, what is the recommended oil? Rotella t4? Is atv oil really needed or is it a fear thing that makes you feel you need to pay double for special oils? I drove ATVs years ago, big reds, Yamahas and Suzuki's in the 1980s and just used regular oil with never a clutch slippage issue. I know oil got more evolved since then and tons of additives. Thanks.
  3. Just picked up a 2001 Kawasaki KLF300-C13 Bayou 300 4X4, the clutch seems to be slipping then catches. After a few minutes of test driving it, it lost all gears. It sounds and feels like it shifts, but nothing.. It just sits there and can even be pushed in any gear just like it was in neutral. I was in 2nd gear when it died completely. Would a slipping clutch cause that or is there something else I should check out first? I pulled the clutch adjustment plate off to give that a try, but the 12mm nut will turn, but the bolt is seized to the washers. It smokes a bit and was thinking about putting rings in it, but unsure now if something major is wrong. I got this and a KLF 400 as a package deal and drove this about one mile before this happened. (This one wouldn't start when I picked it up and was bought as is so I was unaware of any clutch slipping issues). Thanks!

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