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New owner of bayou 220, 300 4x4, 400 4x4

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I want to change oil in these three machines, what is the recommended oil? Rotella t4? Is atv oil really needed or is it a fear thing that makes you feel you need to pay double for special oils? 

I drove ATVs years ago, big reds, Yamahas and Suzuki's in the 1980s and just used regular oil with never a clutch slippage issue.  I know oil got more evolved since then and tons of additives. 



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It's important to make sure that the oil has the additives for the clutches which regular motor oil does not. I've always used ATV oil, like Valvoline ATV oil and it's worked well. I've used the Valvoline atv oil in my kawasaki bayou 220, kingquad 700, and grizzly 660 without issues.

Valvoline ATV Oil

You can get in on Amazon, and also look at the auto parts stores like Advance Auto

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