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  2. I need some advice on the max winch load an A-Cat 500 frame can handle (front and or rear). Currently have a 2500lb winch on th front but I want to upgrade the front and mount one on the rear. (On that note, anyone have info on best way to mount a winch on the rear of a 500 atv and if it is a workable idea.
  3. I am running an 2003 Arctic Cat 500 ATV 4x4 automatic. Runs great. Carb rebuilt recently only run ethonal free fuel and have new front/rear CV Axles, bearings, shock bearings (front/rear). Recent carb rebuild. Need a new fuel gauge/gasket, plus other accessories. It can be hard to find the right parts, so if anyone has any insight, I would welcome it. Parts I am looking for are: 1) fuel gauge/gasket 2) rear rack caddy extension 3) speedometer (not that I care about how fast I am going but sometimes it's fun to know. 4) gun/rifle trail mounts 5) winch and towing equipment, etc. (I have some but you never have enough....) Thanks to all that have any info. would like to pics of other similar rides.
  4. Thank you! Just this past weekend I had to cross a creek (with no good spots to do so) and next I know, I am sideways on two wheels with only me holding her up. 4' banks on both sides. Freespooled out 40' of winch line, wrapped it around a tree and back to the tow hook on the front. With me holding my baby up from one side and working the winch and throttle in 4w I got her up the bank and on flat ground. A little wet, muddy but not walking a mile out of the woods.... Roll on Arctic Cat!!!
  5. Looking for parts and manuals for my ARCTIC CAT 2003 500 4x4 ATV. Mine has it's issues due to age but it has taken me places that I can't even walk through where I hunt. Time for some new parts and add-on accessories to make life easier for an old man in the woods....

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