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  1. I have a 2003 susuki ltz400. Its been acting funny since a couple days ago. Today i rode it around the block. When it was cold it was just fine. When i started going and was going for a minute or two it became alot harder to down shift into first, it would down shift but you would have to press it kinda hard. So i started heading home and the bike started to shutter. Like a hesitation in going like i would be holding the gas it would go then stop then go. Then i almost got home it got stuck in 2nd and wouldnt go up into any gear. Then i stop and get into first and pull it into my garage and then it stalls. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I will check that today and get back to ya.
  3. I have a 2003 LTZ 400 that i bought a few days ago. The quad was running fine until last night. I let my brother ride it down the street and back and i didnt notice anything etong with bike. Then my neighbors friend came over and said "can i ride it?" I said "sure" so he ripped it down the road all fine and when he got back it died right in front of us. My brother said it was dieing on him also. He also said that he wasnt using the clutch to shift. I told him he was an idiot. Im throwing that in there incase that caused a problem as well. But today i go to check it to make sure its getting fuel which it is and replaced the spark plug incase it wasnt getting spark but it is. So i started it and it was having a problem starting then i got started and was reving at idle high. So i took it around the block and it died on me a little bit down, so i try to restart it and it started so i kicked it into 1st and it kinda launched on me and started going with the clutch all the way in. Then it died right after and wasnt running right during that process and was idleing all over the place and just died and now i cant get it started it again. Before it would start without the choke or priming it. It would start real quick now i cant figure if it needs to be rejetted or something else. Air filter looks clean also. But any help would be gratelly appreciated!

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