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  1. Only 4 days left untill the Ride for Samantha. The weather looks like it will be in our favor. 73 degrees partly sunny. We have tons of raffel items. Someone even donated a dirt bike. I got a box in the mail last week from The Kansas ATV Asso. with a bunch of shirts and a check for $50.00. ATV'ers are the greatest people on earth. Hope you all can come out to Ride for Samantha or just to stop by and buy a raffel ticket and meet the Lttle Princess in person. She'll melt your heart. 4 days and counting.
  2. Thanks for the welcome ScOtt. I'm really enjoying the site.
  3. Dave Thanks for the kind words. All I can say is that although we never met you have the reputation of a being a Good Man, A Loving Husband and a Great Father. Everyone I asked about you had nothing but good things to say. They all told me and I quote, " Dave would give you the shirt off his back". That was all I needed to hear. I come from a large family also. Nine kids. We didn't always have the best of everything but we had a roof over our heads, clean clothes, plenty to eat and 2 parents that loved and cared for us. When I heard about your situation I knew we had to do this for you and your family. My folks fell on hard times often and there were always people there to help us. Your one of us Brother and were gonna do what ever it takes to get you and your family back on your feet and Sam healthy again. You have alot of friends out here Dave. Some you know some you will meet and some you'll never meet. But what matters is that you and your family are not alone in this. We all share your pain and want nothing more then to see a smile on all of your faces. Your in our thoughts and prayers. See you at the ride Buddy. It's gonna be a great day. Dennis
  4. Welcome aboard Dave!! It's a small world. Only 2 weeks untill the Ride for Samantha. Gonna be a good day for everyone.
  5. We all try to do that when were out. Another important thing to do is to make sure you know who is in front and behind you. Always look back to make sure you didn't lose anyone in your group. Our club always says before a ride: You are responsible for the rider behind you. If you do this no one will be left behind or lost.
  6. I've posted this site on several other atv web sites.
  7. Just got an e-mail from Fishers ATV World. They can't make the ride but are sending a gift pack and also a signed helmet from Brian Fisher. I'm amazed by the support were getting. One person sent a check for $200.00. I almost fell over when I opened it. I have a feeling that the Lost Trails Park is going to be filled on the day of the ride. Thanks to Tony Novak and his family for allowing this event to be held at their site. 3 weeks to go. Were gonna rock the park.
  8. Stoop this area of Pa. that we live in is know as: " The Valley With A Heart". We may be a little backwards and a bit behind the times but when the call for help goes out everyone responds. I wouldn't trade this area for a million dollars. I still don't have to lock my doors at night because I know my neighbors have my back and I have theirs. When we walk down the street or shop at one of our local markets we still look each other in the eye and say hello. It's hard to run out for milk and bread and be back home in just a few minutes because you run into a dozen or more people you know and start chatting. I always allow myself at least an hour for an errend...lol
  9. A few people placed out jars with the flyer attached in convenient stores ect. They are filling up every day. Not with just nickels and dimes but with bills. That was a breath of fresh air to see people react that way. But the main thing is that this little girl and her family are getting the help they need. Not from the government or insurance companies but from regular Joe's like us. That what makes me smile.
  10. Tom thanks for posting the info. about the Ride for Samantha. I can't believe how much support the atv community is showing. People are reaching out from all over the country. I currently have a bank account set up with the Old Forge Bank in my home town. We have already recieved almost $800.00. The ride is still 3 weeks away. Once the ride has come and gone I plan to wait about 2 weeks to see if any more donations come in and then cut a check to the Bowes family and close out the account. The bank even gave us free checks. All we need now is good weather for the day of the ride. I want to Thank you and everyone else for all their support, thoughts and prayers. This has changed my mind about human nature. America is still full of the best people on earth. Just wanted to add that I don't know Dave or his family either.I read of his plight and knew something had to be done. Tom I'd didn't mean to steal your thunder. I was just faster on the draw...lol Were all in this world together guy's and we only have so much time. So lets spread some sunshine where we can. Dennis
  11. Wow! I knew we were getting the word out about Samantha but I had no idea that we were reaching so many people. When I started this I wasen't sure it would get the attention I was hoping for but was I ever wrong. The ride is still 3 weeks away and we have colected alomost $800.00 so far. Glad you guys are aware of it. Please keep Sam and the family in your thoughts and prayers. Dennis

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