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  1. you know i did.. dont tell him i said so though, hes still kinda sore about it
  2. hey ladies...just thought i would say hi...hi and mzzz.wheeler i seen some pics of you gettin some air way 2 go girl! i dont race i just ride for fun..well wait a minute, if u race your spouse does that count lol?
  3. sugar

    hey from tx

    well i'm not sure how to load pics or vids on here but i'll try this... if it doesnt work you'll have to tel me how? this is a vid of it almost finished. we have pics , nelson built it, but they are at diff stages and i would have to look for some recent ones...i'm 2 sleepy rite now let me know what u think about the bike..
  4. sugar

    hey from tx

    nelson says its a custom hunk of junk ha! its a yamaha engine in a suzuki lt250frame.
  5. hey ya'll.. i'm from tx and i ride for fun. i've been lookin at this site for a lil bit and i like the set up. my hubby and i both ride... i guess thats it.. oh yeah and i might know some of ya'll from e2s... if so say whats up! my quad...06 blasty, ported, stroker, v3s and some udder stuff. Nelson, my old man, has got a yamasuki.

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