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  2. It made a clunk and stopped. Now the atarter just spins and the mottor doesnt kick over like it did when the one way was bad. I think the one way broke again.
  3. I replaced the one way starter clutch on the 03 400ex I just picked up and got it running. I took it around the house and then brought it into the garage went back about 10 minutes later and started it and it idled for about 3 minutes and made a clunk and shut off. Now its doing the same thing as before the one way clutch was replaced. What would have made it do that? Also i dont know what all has been done to the motor. I was told it was bored and piston shaved. I do nopw it sounds like the valves need adjusting. Any ideas on why the one way clutch would brake like that?
  4. New guy here but old to four wheelers. I have been working on four wheel drives for eve now and just picked up an 02 Raptor 660 for my son \and more recently picked up an 03 400ex. i have questions about the 400ex but i will post them in the right place.. Just wanted to say hi.

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