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  2. vin #jy459v007g0012209 the 7 mite be a 1.. bought moto4 used, carb is completely dismantled at least 1 part missing..book says 225drn takes mikuni vm22 and 225drs takes vm24, these both have 112.5 main jet and the drs has 0-0 needle jet. i also have mikuni carb off kawasaki bayou220 book says that is vm24ss main jet #115 main air jet 1.8 jet needle 5gn46-2 needle jet 0-0 pilot jet #30 pilot air jet 1.2... nothing to show me what model this unit is and would the kawasaki carb work? is there someway to identify which model?
  3. well found out the idiot problem....p.o.has wrong battery in it!...and hooked up wires wrong!!!!...still a problem with the carb tho so will be getting rebuilt at the shop...will then see!!!
  4. ajmboy,

    been cruising thru site looking for service manual for 1986 moto4 yamaha 225s...got any?

  5. okay, have more info on the first bike with shifter on the motor...that actually is a 1986 moto 4 yfm225 s...that would make what i thought was a 6 a G..then i assume the shifter in the plastic is a later model..part of that vin appears worn off from foot traffic..so for a 32 year old bike she sure runs nice!!!!
  6. not sure if starter sticking will lock engine...and no did not get hot...warm but not hot. odd to have to add here... so i have to pull the starter to see if free? will try it and see...shop wants $80 just to see it!
  7. not sure if starter sticking will lock engine...and no did not get hot...warm but not hot. odd to have to add here... so i have to pull the starter to see if free?
  8. not sure if starter sticking will lock engine...and no did not get hot...warm but not hot.
  9. just exactly had the proper amount of oil in it....have pull starter off and cannot turn over by hand nor with a short bar. so tis locked.
  10. i have a question for all the gurus on this site.....just about that very question....i too have a 4 wheeler that has set a while...i went thru it and checked and cleaned everything on it...started right up and idled fine, before i could even try any adjustments it died...did that 3 different times and final time locked the engine up!!! it is a kawasaki bayou 220 dated 2000... the question i have of the gurus is...is there a way to oil these from the top end, since they have been setting, and the oil surely has all drained out of top end and would that oil sufficiently to prevent issues once engine going?????? Thanks, dtoots1
  11. well mine don't no more..believe the engine froze up....cannot turn it over by hand nor starter, never did get to the carb to check that, though people i bought it from claim took it to shop twice and worked on/ cleaned carb etc and still same problem.that why they sold it..tho that is now moot....idled the dang thing3 times for just a minute and died each time now tis dead. best to get proper carb or rebuild old one...chinese jobs do not do it! also check the rubber carb boots for cracks as that causes problems as well...
  12. ok got another 220 bayou....starts and idles a bit fast with choke out...move choke slightly off and idles down a bit , then runs at fast idle for minuteor2 then dies out like either out of gas or maybe too much? think mite be a 98...trying to check vin next.
  13. update...this is a 2002 klf220a w/ 215cc engine.
  14. have a bayou 220...top end is out...cam and lifters worn too much is apart and shop tells me that i need about $500 in parts plus another 500 labor to put back together.....wonder if anyone has a good used 220 or 250 engine, if i recall either will fit it... i can put in this little booger. i like it is easily transportable in my pickup bed. am near akron, ohio....
  15. will try won't let me get bigger than 50x50px
  16. the working bike vin number is jy459v0056c041692...10th digit is number 6 decoder says that is 2006///???? nothing showing that moto 4 was made after "97??? pics are one i cannot find vin number...tried sanding area carefully but don't want to get aggressive and still cannot see numbers...does feel to be a bit flat in that area and thought seen something there.
  17. just bought a used yamaha is marked as moto 4 350...vin numbers shows is a 2006 , but nothing showing as to model..is 2 wheel drive 5 speed w/ hlr on engine..what is the thing supposed to be so i can get a manual??? nothing shows big bear or other such info..did manage to get er running....needed a boost on the battery and cleaned up a LOT...actually got 2 atvs, the other one marked the same but is a bit different.2whl ec w/ hlr on front plastic..wheels etc, engine appears different and cannot find a vin number on the left frame whatsoever!! nor on the right side or front or back..and is no damage areas

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