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  2. To follow up on my previous post, I am new to quads so all assistance is much appreciated. I hate to see old vehicles discarded instead of repaired
  3. I don’t think The battery was an issue because I was jumping it. Starter spins well but doesn’t seem to engage. I just got two of these bikes, one two wheel drive and one four wheel drive, both are in rough shape with the wiring home remedied.
  4. Do you need the decompression lever for the electric starter?
  5. I assume the lever on top of the head is a decompression lever?
  6. I also need more posts and a manual. The electric start spins but won’t engage and the manual pull start is very hard to pull, it seems like more than compression but I am new to these quads
  7. Can you put tubes in a leaking tire? The tread is good and I am trying to save some money. Thanks
  8. Hello, new to quads had lots of bikes though. Looking for help getting some old Suzuki 250 quads to run. All help will be much appreciated!
  9. Will your quad pull start if a switch is bad?

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