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  2. Ok, Put everything in, changed all the fluids, Plug, and it starts up and runs. Did adjust the the idle and for the most part runs good. There are two issues Im still having and would love your thoughts. 1- I start it every day and let it run for about 5 min. Some days it starts right up and others I have to pull the chock out and restart. So inconstant starting, which makes me nervous being on the trail and having an issue. 2- When running in low and high some times skips or misses. When running in revers, misses alot to the point you have to stop and let the idle catch back up.
  3. So I took the carburetor out as much as I could. Not sure how to disconnect the throttle line and one other line going in. Did discover that the rubber intake was worn and is more than likely the problem. I pushed the carb. into it the best I could and it started right up and even idled for a bit. I have ordered some parts and a manual. I will be back at it next week when they arrive. I really appreciated the help. Hope to be up an running very soon.
  4. Thank you for the comments and help! I will be taking it apart today.
  5. So what do you use to clean it. Carb cleaner, water, wD-40
  6. So once I replace the carburetor and the filter I can go ahead and start it up normally? Do I need to prime anything?
  7. So can you clean the filter or do you just replace it. As for the carburetor it is the original one so changing it out would probably be best. Where do you recommend getting one from?
  8. I’m not sure. What would it look like. There is a white tube that is connected to a hose going to the carburetor. Any thoughts other than that. Also you say I would need to rebuild the carburetor. What would that install?
  9. Yes, the starter is good, the battery is good, the silanoid is good. I can get it to start by spraying started fluid in the carbrator however it Comes on at a high rpm and then sits off. I did drain the old gas out a put fresh in it.
  10. I have a 2006 Polaris 500 sports man and having trouble starting it and keeping it running.

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