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  1. I just put together a 87 TRX 250R with a completely new 320 stroker and my first run to the dunes has me scatching my head a bit. The jetting seems dialed in and over all it ran very good but the rpm range to get to the power band seems high, which made it hard to pull the hills in second gear. It would bog down unless I kept on the clutch and that usually meant that I had to go faster than I wanted to. Is it possible to change this with the jetting or do I have the wrong pipe or.... do I gear down? I'm running a Pro-Circuit Platnium pipe. Any advise out there?
  2. Hope that there is someone out there that can shed some light on this... My brother just bought today an 08 YZF 450 and while we were messing around this evening kinda "breaking it in" We noticed that the exhaust was so hot that it was glowing RED! during the few hours we were riding it around the fan never did kick in and all awhile we were questioning this...As it turned darker out we noticed that the pipe was red hot! He's thinking that there is something wrong and will be calling the dealer up first thing.. Has anyone out there ever heard of this happening to the YFZ's before? Any input would be great! Thank you, Don

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