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  1. I can later today. I know it was red wires with green tracer. It was located on the pull cord side behind side cover in the mass of wires that are taped together. I believe one went to fuel pump one to the dash or up front forsure. One to cpu and forget where other went. Maybe to fuses. Hope this helps and if you can’t find them let me know and I can send some pics to you when I get near machine later today
  2. Hey guys thanks for all the help. A pile of evenings later and it up and running. Was a tiny wire broke off at a junction
  3. hey @AjmboyI seen a post where you were wondering on recalls for 2005 king quads. mine is an 05 made mistake in my post said 04. Did you find out on recalls. Btw I am going to clean up wires and trace them see if there is a bad spot. Thanks for input
  4. Haha that is funny you posted this. I was just out going through wiring and came to regulator/rectifier plug. It was melted on 2of the 3 wires. I was just about to ask if this may cause dash not to display and fuel pump to not run.
  5. yes I unplugged fuel pump ran power directly to pump and it turned on. still testing things and found a relay call ignition/starter relay. It doesn't seem to have any 12 volt power to any of the wires for it
  6. yes as far as I can tell it is. still trying to find something but I can put fuek in intake and will fire up, tested fuel pump it will run. at same time I tried it my display for dash quit also. it lights up yellow but nothing else
  7. Hi looking for help. My 700 fuel pump won’t cycle when I turn key on also my digital dash is not displaying anything it does light up yellowish but nothing else. If I pour fuel in the intake it will start for second

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