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  1. HAs anyone had any experience with Odes, Mike Smith or their Comrade?
  2. Anyone have any suggestions for baskets to fit the Kodiak 400 4x4?
  3. What is the difference between these 3 ATVs?
  4. Good idea! A friend, who use to work at an ATV repair shop, told me that the oil seal behind the mechanical seal in the water pump, has probably gone out. That has been the best explanition so far, but I have not had time to pull it down. Thanks!
  5. I have to take off the front rack/bumper assembly, to open the radiator cap. But, common sense says that if it is in the tank, it is in the radiator, too. I will be taking the rack off, in the next few days, to replace the cooling fan. I will address the oil in the water issue, at this time. Thanks!
  6. Hey, I already posted that in the Yamaha forum, and did not get a response. So, I posted so anyone with a water cooled ATV could see it. 

  7. Have any of you guys ever found oil in your coolant overflow tank? The oil in the crankcase is clean.
  8. Hey Admins, if you will look, I already posted this to the Yamaha forum, and did not get a response. That's why I posted it to a different forum.
  9. Anyone ever get oil in your water? The crankcase oil is clean. I have a Yamaha Kodiak 400, 2003 model.
  10. I have a Yamaha Kodiak 400, and oil is getting in the water. Any ideas?

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