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  2. I was trying with starter fluid straight into the intake, no good, once I finish the other 2 quads i'm working on and free up space in my garage ill bring that one home and dive into it deeper I'm praying its not compression
  3. Thanks man, I got the service manual and took apart the whole rear, every set of bearings was shot, and I had a hell of a time getting the old races out of the swingarm on the left side. I just had the drum machined and I'm gonna put it back in in the next day or so and hopefully that solves the issue.
  4. and part number for an oil filter as well
  5. and whether or not its the same oil for the transmission
  6. says it's 12 mm just use part number 420241786 to order a new drain plug from ebay or something
  7. Trying to get 10 posts to download a manual, also wanted to ask can I use any old 2 stroke oil like from a chain saw?
  8. Hi guys, trying to get a quad running again. It was running fine but the electric start did not work. My uncle was using it and the pull start snapped. So I replaced the pull start and electric starter motor. Now it just cranks and cranks but will not start. I have spark, I have fuel to the carb, I know this is a 2 stroke with a separate oil tank, what else should i check?
  9. https://magneticdrainplugs.com/other-vehicles/KTM/250 SX/2011/250cc/
  10. It's funny I have the same machine and I had the same problem, I bought the manual and took the engine out to fix it along with other things, but it definitely could be changed in place
  11. I also have to do an oil change and I was curious if anyone has a part number for a gallon of honda oil
  12. Hey guys, about to start working on my step father's 2001 Honda TRX250EX Sportrax, I need help with the rear end. The quad runs and rides, but the tires wobble like crazy and I'm pretty sure it's the bearings, trying to get a manual

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