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  2. Howdy from a New Brunswick neighbor! I understand the shoestring budget. Good luck on the TLC
  3. Hi folks. Winter is creeping up on eastern Canada and I felt the urge for a toy to hold me through the winter while my trusty Honda CBF600SA snoozes. Can't do it easy tho.... has to be a project of course! So on the weekend found me a mostly there 91 Kawasaki Bayou 300 KLF300. And tonight a 94 300 parts quad followed me home! Hopefully I'll have the runner under its own power this weekend. Seller had a terrible time to get it to start, and when it did would only run for a few seconds. .. but enough to hear it and know there was some life in her! Planning a valve adjust, new fuel line (current is super hard and probably brittle as all heck!), and maybe a carb once over. Maybe I'll even try and make this thing un-ugly again later on. Anyhow, glad to be here! Getmoresoon

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