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  1. Thank you very much. Im very satisfied with my quad now. It runs great and I love the looks.
  2. Thx ! Its 28" The ride is a bit bumpy on slow speeds
  3. I just got a setup of these snorkels. The fitting wasnt easy but now its in place.
  4. Thanx a million. You guys on this forum is the greatest !
  5. I want them You told me first.... me me me
  6. So far Im more then pleased. I just love it. But I must say that the stock shocks are really bad. They go up as fast as they go down. "Boink boink " I really have to find others. I will post pics of it later. I have to get it really dirty first
  7. Great ! Thats really nice !
  8. Thanks! * To bad they dont ship to sweden. Anyone that knows companies that ship worldwide? It was only about $20. what do you think about the Sparks CDI. 1000 rpm more than stock!
  9. Thanks for your replies. I bought it today and im super impressed with it. I think it has great power and huge torque (spelling?). The Spark 6 degree timing.. where can I get that? Best regards Tobias
  10. Hello. I live in sweden and Im about to bye a Honda TRX 400 EX 2001. These quads was never sold i sweden and there are only a few here. Since I dont have any info about this quad Im asking you guys to help me out. Please give me some feedback on this quad. I think that just the looks of it is enought to buy it but I really want to know that Im making a good purshase. Thanks in advance ! Best regards Tobias Sweden.

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