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    Kazuma Falcon 150cc

    It was a couple of years ago, part missing.Kazuma Falcon 150cc automatic - $ 175. I did not have any connectors, a chassis is incomplete, drive, gasoline ... I have to get $ 175 to $ 280 to make it all right!
  2. Kazuma Falcon 150 First successful start after several years of employment. She was relieved to find that nothing was connected, everything was cut off, incomplete. No pipes or pipes, parts are missing $ 175!There was hardly a screw, the fasteners had plastic fasteners! Kazuma Falcon 150.mp4
  3. Hi! There is still a problem with the starter relay! We blame the candle or candle pierce. you can see a black spout on a starter relay, then it's worth testing it.By the time I changed everything, then it was easier to go. The stuttering sound, it is a reference to the dirty thing in the system. It is necessary to clean carburetor, gasoline filters and filters.
  4. Knave

    Zongshen 250 cc

    Inoperable Chinese Zongshen 250cc.Hobby level, has become my favorite as a recreation!

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