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  2. Thanks. didn't know about that fuse. I mostly work on cars/trucks and riding and push mowers. Have to finish pulling eng/trans in '99 blazer 4x4 aagggghhh. they wont split so might have to remove front differential to get sump clearance to get them out
  3. Thanks! I know how to check spark at the plug but don't know where it comes from or how to check where it does. where it gets power to a coil or other pieces of ignition and I have carb covered too. Guess i should just spray ether through it again and see
  4. I May be interested in selling this too! $700 as is
  5. I've seen carbs on Ebay and even Amazon pretty cheap
  6. Looking for some help. Unit won't start. not yet sure if fuel or ignition. while pushing around I broke a wire under grip and now it won't turn over. I'll be fixing that first. what should I test or look for if ignition problem?

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