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  1. Yeah, hit me up if you are ever in town or driving through. There are tons of awesome places to ride in Northern California. Lindsey
  2. Thank you! This seems like a great site.
  3. Cool, thanks. Yes please keep me posted. Is the riding hard there? I wouldn't want to slow anyone down. Are there any other girls going?
  4. It was fun. The trail I went one wasn't bad, but I didn't go on very many others because I was with someone that rides a dirt bike, so we couldn't ride the same things. But it's so beautiful out there.
  5. I have a 2008 Suzuki 400. I'm just a beginner, but LOVE it! I have been practicing out at Prairie City and last weekend I went to Mammoth Bar. I rode on the track, but I love to ride on the trails. What about you?
  6. I live in Folsom, CA and I am hoping to find people to ride with. I have this awesome quad and no one to ride with anymore...
  7. I just recenlty bought a quad and I am looking for people to ride with. I was dating a guy that I rode with, but things didn't work out, so now I have no one to ride with. I live in Folsom, CA.

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