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  2. My dads 03 kodiak 400 does same thing. Fuel petcock is off and fuel still drips out overflow hose. Apparently something isnt letting the float needle close all the way. Im going rebuild my dads carb.
  3. @MtBob Here is my setup. The wear indicator for shoe wear is missing. I wonder if taking the wheel and hub off would be easiest way to get this adjusted right .
  4. As title says , my dad was given a 03 400. It didnt run. I got it running and got the front brakes working, new calipers and master cylinder. The rear are drum and its my 1st time really messing with them. I replaced shoes , cam was all froze up so cam wouldnt rotate , i took it apart and cleaned it up good , my problem is, how do i know where to line up the cam with the lever , there is no needle that shows shoe wear on this , its missing. Any pics or help appreciated.

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