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  1. nel79


  2. Not sure about a kit but a relay wired properly should do it...
  3. Growing up we had Honda Big Red three wheelers on the farm...They were great machines
  4. Are these full manuals? Can they be downloaded and printed?
  5. Yeah I suspect that's all it is. It has been sitting for quite a while...Once I can get the throttle cable undone I'll pull it off and clean it up...Now if only I had a manual...HAHA
  6. The bowl drain screw is good. I suspect the float...Now how does the throttle cable come apart?
  7. We just moved out to an acreage. So far my quad has been used more for work...Hoping that changes soon
  8. I'm new here but it looks like there's lots of info...
  9. I'm hoping to get into the manuals soon... I like to read responses but I don't like to post much...
  10. Hey guys, Looking for some info on a 2000 Yamaha Kodiak. When I leave it sitting I get fuel leaking out of the carb drain. What causes this? Float stuck?

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