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  2. I saw a few of those after I posted this. might give that a try, Thanks Jacob
  3. yes, the high beam is partially blocked on the area right in front of the Atv by the front storage rack so the trail is not lit up real good there. The low beam lights are below the storage rack so they really light up good right in front. This wasn't noticed until we had an after dark experience going down a very rocky , steep 8 mile trail. Hard to see the next turn , WHOA !!!!
  4. Thanks Frank, I got a deal on this one with only 35 miles. A new one with EPS is around $6300 plus tax which I can't afford. I found a kit on Dennis Kirk and ATR for about $800.
  5. I am trying to figure out a way to make my high beam include the 2 front lights that come on in low beam mode. As it sits now I need to use the low beam to see the trail in front of me but can't see far ahead. On high beam I can see ahead but miss most of the trail right in front of me. Does anyone know of a kit that would mate the two front lights to the main headlight on high beam ?
  6. Thanks Frank, I hope to get this shifting problem fixed as I use this at my camp and don't want to get stranded with a pile of gear.
  7. Hi all, I bought a 2018 used 450 for my wife. She is having trouble with some of the real rocky trails close to our home. Her arms give out in an hour or two so I was thinking of adding power steering . Is this possible ? Anyone done this ?
  8. Same problem, had the oil changed at a repair shop. Not sure what oil they used.
  9. my 2006 250 recon has an occasional problem shifting. It seems as tho the lever is not connected even tho I can see the round shift rod moving when I depress the shift lever. I play with it and it kicks in and shifts normally for a day or two and then acts up again. Any thoughts ??
  10. It looks like we need to have 10 posts to download a manual . am I correct ? need a manual for 2006 Honda tax 250 recon

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