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  1. Snowbound

    Work vs play

    Just a curious thought-what percentage of your quad use is work (yard, field, hauling, etc) vs playing (exploration, recreation, enjoyment) personally mine is about 60/40 work to play. Most of the work is winter plowing!
  2. Snowbound

    1998 Polaris Sportsman 500 - Cooling Fan Does Not Turn On

    Thanks, these vids are very helpful
  3. Snowbound

    04 Sportsman 600 has gas in oil

    it shouldn’t leak gas when the valve is left on. I would check float settings and needle valve and associated o-ring as well
  4. Snowbound

    Polaris 400 transmission or belt ?

    Does it try to move in high? Do you smell burnt rubber on the attempt? If so I would say belt
  5. In my case, it was the o-ring that goes on the seat for the needle valve. I saw that you replaced the o-rings, but did you check this one as well? Mine looked fine, but was just a little too loose. Installed a new one and vent leaks all gone
  6. Snowbound

    Jims Creek - Anchorage Alaska

    I sometimes forget how lucky we are to have so much open area to ride and enjoy
  7. Snowbound

    Hi from Alaska

    And home in early May, how things change in 3 weeks!
  8. Snowbound

    Hi from Alaska

    Gulkana in May
  9. Snowbound

    Hi from Alaska

    Cantwell trip early September 2018