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  1. Snowbound


  2. Just a curious thought-what percentage of your quad use is work (yard, field, hauling, etc) vs playing (exploration, recreation, enjoyment) personally mine is about 60/40 work to play. Most of the work is winter plowing!
  3. it shouldn’t leak gas when the valve is left on. I would check float settings and needle valve and associated o-ring as well
  4. Does it try to move in high? Do you smell burnt rubber on the attempt? If so I would say belt
  5. In my case, it was the o-ring that goes on the seat for the needle valve. I saw that you replaced the o-rings, but did you check this one as well? Mine looked fine, but was just a little too loose. Installed a new one and vent leaks all gone
  6. I sometimes forget how lucky we are to have so much open area to ride and enjoy 😉
  7. And home in early May, how things change in 3 weeks!
  8. Cantwell trip early September 2018

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