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  1. Yeah Duane lives 3 houses down from me. Talked to him yesterday, told him you guys mentioned him.
  2. bought myself a 2008 honda foreman 500 and my wife a 2007 honda rancher 400 for christmas.
  3. Yeah next my wife and I are going to buy a trailer so we can go to all of the designated ATV areas. Right now we're just riding on "non-designated trails" down here. there are some trails right off of the train tracks in coxsackie that run all the way through Ravena. Seems as though as long as you ride responsibly you can ride the local streets to get to the train tracks. Oh and thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here. it's all new to me, so i've been surfing the whole site to learn as much as I can.
  4. Hi, new couple in Upstate NY. Coxsackie area in Greene County. Found a few trails around, but love to hear from others in our area about more.

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