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  1. Got to the seal today. Yes you do need to remove the swingarm to access it. Unfortunately the kit didnt have the oil seal or the o ring but j found them. Anyway, next question. My rear break drum is completely froze. I had to tap the levers back just so it wasnt engaged. I'll open it up tomorrow but any hints at what to look at first that could cause it to not move at all with the cables attached?
  2. Awesome! Way better to get the whole set for a little more money. I'll be back if I have any issues! Thanks again
  3. Thanks! I'm going to start on it today. Any chance you know what gasket kit it is on Amazon? Are the prairie and bayou the same ATV?
  4. Picked up a 2000 prairie 300 4x4. It is leaking out of the rear output seal where the driveshaft contacts to the engine. I'm havi g a really hard time finding out how to remove the driveshaft online, finding a service manual, and finding the seal on a parts diagram. Anyone know how to remove the driveshaft or know where a service manual is for it? Thanks

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