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  1. I checked pressure coming into fuel rail. It's perfect. You can see injector initially spraying fuel looking through throttle body as well, ruling out injector. If you find specifics on TPS testing let me know.
  2. Do you have the operational instructions on performing that test task? If so that would be great. I've never had to test one before so I'm not familiar with it. Sounds like you know what your doing.
  3. Mine is a 500EFI. Haven't messed with it again yet. I'm disgusted with it.
  4. I pulled it off took a good look at it, swore at it and put it back in. I'm gonna get my buddy to come down with his and swap parts to figure it out.
  5. TPS is fine. Machine is not getting enough fuel once it starts running. It's like something is cutting the fuel flow. I'm ready to fold.
  6. It's still hooked up. When you squirt gas through intake machine runs fine. It's getting plenty of air just not any fuel. It's EFI so I'm wondering if something electric is holding it back??
  7. I tried another guage off 08 800 EFI and does the same thing. The 800 runs fine without guage. I have the whole pod off right now. Looked at wires and nothing is wrong.
  8. That makes two of us. Please let me know if you have any ideas!
  9. After a rollover and breaking out the Speedo Gauge my machine starts and will not stay running nor will it idle. Speedo is removed as it is non repairable. I can pump the throttle as it is running and that is the only way it will stay running but will not rev up. I can spray gas into air cleaner intake when air cleaner is out and it will rev up. I pulled the injector out and made sure there was gas getting to fuel rail when pump comes on and there is. One person told me you need the Speedo on for it to run fine but I took one off my 800EFI and it still does same thing and the 800 runs fine without the speedo on it. Any advice??? You can not ride machine like this. Like machine isn't getting proper amount of fuel through the injector. I highly doubt injector is bad being only 300 miles in change on the machine. Please don't tell me adjust throttle cable. Any Legit idea's??

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