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  1. Getting ready to tear down and rebuild the twin
  2. Just put new tread on the front
  3. It's 35 years old,really heavy and not a speed demon,but is a blast on the trails. Fast enough for me and thank you for your input. This is a great forum and glad I stumbled upon it.
  4. Thank you. I will take a look at that post. I am relatively new to the hobby and am happy to receive any advice. I have only been out trail riding once so far and I am hooked. Think I found my solution for parts my stepson has the same 84 trx200 that smokes a lot. Think I'm going to give him the $100 he said he'd sell it to me for. Maybe I'll even fix that one up for the wife.
  5. The jumper pack is a really good idea and the one on Amazon looks small enough to fit in the little trunk on the trx200. The rectifier is a good price but I'm not sure I want to buy a used one of a parted out bike. Just found another new one on Amazon for under $70.
  6. Yes it starts with the electric starter. Just found out the rectifier is bad and I'm supposed to go trial riding this weekend. Would be nice to be able to put start it incase the battery dies on the trail. Having trouble finding a rectifier...old used ones on eBay or a new one for $104.
  7. Pull cord is free and decompression lever is operating correctly. Installed a new spark plug. When I first got the bike it wasn't running I played around with all the wires to make sure everything was plugged in. The shift pattern is completely backwards from what I am used to. Neutral is all the way up. Thought I had the bike in neutral but it was in 4th gear. Pulled the cord and it started right up. Put a new battery in it and now it doesn't start on the pull cord whether it's in neutral or any gear
  8. I have a honda trx200 and it starts fine when I use the starter button but won't start with the pull cord.
  9. 84 honda trx 200 I am currently working on and a 86 yamaha badger 80 that I just found a rear diff for it. Getting ready to fix the badger for the grandchildren

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