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    exactly what I was needing. OEM service manual with all detailed info on bike. Thanks.
  1. I was able to view the whole manual, so I'd say it's good. Thanks again for posting it. Do I need to go to the post where you actually uploaded it and review or is there another spot for reviews? Still haven't gotten the used oem carb I bought the other week installed on the bike to see how it works. I finally got a chance lastnight though to pull the carb apart and check it over. It was all clean on the insde so hopefully good to go. I'm going to try to get it installed one night this week or this coming weekend. Wish me luck.
  2. What to do with it? I see two boys right there that could ride it. Looks like a pretty nice bike.
  3. Thanks guys! Now if I actually had some free time to work on the bike. Hopefully I'll get a chance to look at it this coming weekend.
  4. Thanks for adding the manual Spartacus, I’ll keep an eye out for it. I just got a used oem carb yesterday. Once I get a chance to check it over I’ll put it on and see what happens.
  5. Hopefully oem one shows up tomorrow. It is used so I’ll need to go through and clean it still.
  6. it's a 2000 model. I wonder since it has an aftermarket carb with harness that the wire colors are different. I'm still confused because I can't find the control module box for it anywhere. The plug it was plugged into runs into the main wire harness and looks to me like it runs up to the battery compartment to plug into the CDI box. I really don't want to cut the wrap off of the main wire harness just to trace that plug harness. I wonder if that heater is even needed, or if it will run without it plugged in. The aftermarket carb that is currently on it looks like what you have pictured above with that wiring harness and sensors. The used oem one I'm getting doesn't have the harness on it, but it does have the brass sensor on the left in picture still on it.
  7. That is the plug coming off of the carb. I unplugged it from harness for picture. I tried tracing the other end of the plug, but it runs into the main harness that is braided.
  8. Here is the harness that runs from carb. It has white, black, brown and black/white stripe.
  9. Just found an operators manual online to download. Found this interesting. Apparently they is an (A) and (B) model. I was wondering about that when I was looking them up before trading for it and kept seeing different front ends and racks. I wonder if the only difference is the plastic racks vs metal racks and different headlights.
  10. I'll definitely try to snug everything down before ordering a new seal. I just found the Download section and downloaded the 400 manual. It is pretty similar from what I've seen so far flipping through it. It has a bit more to it being liquid cooled and mine is just air cooled, plus I don't see the control module coming off of carb on it like mine has. In other news, I just scored the oem carb I was looking at, so should have it early next week. I'll get back to you about wiring tonight.
  11. I'll have to get a pic tonight when I get home and post up. I believe it is this seal here #92049B
  12. I think the module is for cold temps, but can’t find much info on it to verify. After sitting for a week in the garage I’ve noticed it has an oil leak at the rear of the driveshaft housing to the rear drive. Guess I’ll be ordering a new oil seal for that and pulling the swingarm to get to it. I knew about being paid member or 10 post count; I just haven’t found a manual for my bike on here though. Did I miss a section that would have it? I looked through the post at top of the Kawasaki specific forum, but didn’t see it listed in there.
  13. Frank, that was a great write up on Carb rebuild. Any insight on the carb control module on these? Mine has a wiring harness coming off of it that appears to go to a module. What is it's function? I may have found an OEM carb to buy. Once I get it I'll see what happens. Still would really like to have a manual for this thing so I can track down where everything is supposed to go and so on. I've found a couple used paper copy manuals on ebay, I guess I may have to break down and go that route. Was hoping to come up with pdf file and save a little $$.
  14. Oh duh, yes that makes since now that you said that. Yes it has pull start.

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