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  1. Located fuel/air mixture screw on carb last night, but not sure how the heck I'm going to get to it to adjust. I had a pocket screwdriver, but still couldn't get to it well enough to turn the screw any. Going to have to regroup and try again tonight if I can find a shorter screwdriver.
  2. thanks, I'll take a look when I get home this evening.
  3. on top of what I originally paid for it, if I have all my receipts all added up I'm currently at $1,600. So not terrible, It will need a few more items eventually, but once I get the carb adjusted correctly I'm going to run it as is for awhile. I'll have to take a closer look, when I get home, but do you know where exactly the air fuel mixture screw is on the carb on these quads?
  4. have this thing mostly back together and had it running this weekend. I ran it up and down the driveway a few times and noticed it's cutting out which leads me to believe the carb will need to be adjusted. I just need to figure out correct way to do that. All the issues I had from original post have been taken care of, except for speedometer cable. I had one on order at local dealer but it is backordered. Looks like that fix will be waiting awhile. It was having issue with going into Low and High range when I first got it as well, but that ended up being because the idle was too high. I've got it idled down lower and it shifts into gear no problem. I also need to get a fuel gauge for the tank sometime and install as it's missing and just has a homemade plug where the gauge goes. I thought I got a good deal on this thing with the issues it had, but boy are the parts receipts adding up.......
  5. got bottom engine guard cut down to fit and installed this weekend. About ready to fire this thing back up. I do have a question. Speedometer doesn't work so I ordered a new speedo cable. Does anybody know the correct process of disconnecting it from the engine housing and installing the new one? I see there are a few gears in the speedo housing and I don't want to risk tearing anything up.
  6. That's what I was thinking Frank. Going to give bleeding the rear a try sometime this week. It was missing the engine guard/skid plate when I got it. A new oem one was about $60. I found a few used ones on ebay for $15 but are for 03' and up models and are a full 1 piece plate. I went ahead and got one and am going to try cutting it down to just the middle piece that I need. Or remove the front plate that is still on mine and see if I can get the full 1 piece plate to mount up on it. We'll see what happens when it arrives later this week.
  7. I also need to figure out how to adjust the rear brake. I'm wondering if I can just bleed it like I did the fronts as the foot pedal is close to bottomed out currently. I'm a little confused though as I found the service manual for it on this site and as I looked through it, it shows it having a rear drum brake. Mine however has rear disc brake.
  8. hey Frank, thanks for the reply. Yes, I located wiring diagram online; that's how I figured out what the plug that is cut is for. The air duct is the round pipe that is in 2nd picture I posted above. it runs down to the transmission case. There is also one that runs from just under the taillight and into the backside of the transmission case as well. Looks to me like the one in front should have some sort of screen over it or something. Attached is how the bike currently sits. I'm waiting on a few parts to arrive before I start putting it back together. You can kind of see the rear air duct tube that runs behind the taillight down to the backside of transmission case.
  9. did some digging and found out the harness that was cut is actually the dash indicator lights for temperature and 4wd. Got new plug ordered so should take care of 2 questions I was asking about. Previous owner had the light plug for the speedometer plugged into the temp indicator. I couldn't find the cover I was needing for the side of the carburetor so had to order new carb. Looking through service manual it looks like the gas vent line I was asking about on the side of carb is in fact just a vent tube. Still wondering about the air duct that comes up in the front between radiator and handlebars; but I can't seem to find any details about it in service manual or parts diagrams. Been plugging away at this thing, stripping it down and cleaning it up. About time to start putting it back together and get it on the road.
  10. Hey guys. New guy here with my first Yamaha quad. Traded for an 01' Kodiak 400 that needs some tlc. It was running but idle is off, missing some hardware here and there, none of the lights work on instrument panel and front brakes didn't work were the main things that jumped out at me. I drug it home and have started tearing into it. Started with fresh oil change and flushed the dirty brown coolant and replaced with fresh coolant. The carburetor is missing the side cover for the throttle cable and I don't see where I can buy just that cover without buying a complete carb, so went ahead and ordered a new one (hasn't arrived yet). the Starter relay solenoid was crap and had to mess with it to get it to start half the time so replaced it. I have a few questions as I'm going through this quad that I'll list below. 1. It has a cut plug on wiring harness under the instrument panel. Can anyone tell me what this plug goes to? There currently is not a plug running to the 4wd indicator light on instrument cluster so I'm wondering if 2 of the wires are for that possibly?? 2. Also in the front, there is a air duct under the rack and black plastic panel that runs down to the engine case. Is there supposed to be some sort of cover or anything over it? I looked online at parts diagrams and couldn't even find this duct or the duct that runs up by taillight in any of the diagrams. 3. this fuel line on top left side of carburetor; is this what goes to the gas tank cap or is it just a vent line for carb? Follow up question, where does the line that comes off of the gas tank cap go to? I'm sure I'll have many more questions as I work through this thing. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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