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  1. The wait is on for parts to arrive that I ordered. Man I hate waiting for parts. Any answer to my earlier question on what fluid to use to refill rear gear box?
  2. I kind of wish I would have went ahead and ordered new seal when I ordered the boot since I was already paying shipping. I'll go ahead and pull that cover off of the gear housing tonight and check O ring on backside of it. I see an O ring in parts diagram, maybe I should go ahead and replace it and the seal. The u joint in the swingarm seems good and tight still. Earlier in the thread Frank you had mentioned about my picture of where the swingarm met up with the gear housing looked like it was off adjustment wise; however I don't see anyway of adjusting that.
  3. Yeah the earlier picture with boot still on was from the side view. The one just posted above is from rear view looking forward. I had just pulled the swingarm off. The driveshaft simply slid off the splined shaft pictured. I’ll try to get more pictures tomorrow evening. The plastic ring is listed as oil seal in parts diagram. Like I mentioned above, it wasn’t fully seated around the splined shaft; it was crocked around the shaft. I shoved it back into the opening as far as it would go. I’m just not sure what would keep it from working it’s way back again though.
  4. There is no O ring there. What is pictured is a hard plastic plug like ring. Do I need to take that cover off that has the 4 bolts and look for an O ring?
  5. Ok lastnight I tried to pull the driveshaft boot back to take a look but couldn’t really see anything. I went ahead and dropped the swingarm. It looks to me like the oil seal had just popped out of place. I seated it back around the opening all the way and cleaned everything up. I’m ordering a new boot. The good news is it looks like the swingarm has been off somewhat recently as it was pretty easy to get off, I’m assuming to replace the bearings as they are both in really good shape. Below is backside shot of the gear housing as soon as I removed the swingarm. The plastic ring around the shaft is the oil seal correct? You can kind of see the oil pooled at bottom of the opening. Hopefully that’s all it was. Also, I didn’t pay attention to the swingarm while it was sitting on the jack and it tipped forward. As it sat there it started pucking fluid out. What type of oil is needed for the rear? Guess I’ll go ahead and drain the remaining fluid from rear diff and refill with fresh fluid, although what leaked out looked pretty fresh.
  6. Punched my tag early so now I can get back to work on the bike.
  7. looks like he'd go in the freezer as good as any other. I tried to snap a pic of the buck I've been watching as he strolled across my driveway in front of me the other morning on my way to work but I was too slow getting phone up and with him moving it turned out blurry. Here is his little brother that’s also been hanging around my backyard. That’s about 50 yards behind my house.
  8. where are you located Frank? I'm in Southern Indiana and still seeing several during the day. I've got a nice one picked out that keeps strolling across my back yard in the mornings between 2 fields. The bastard destroyed 2 of my cypress trees that mark our rear property line. My two labs have chased after him a couple of times, I'm going to be pissed if they run him off. They're about to get locked in their kennels until the season is over hahaha.
  9. thanks Frank and Spartacus. I'll try to get in there one evening this week and see what's going on with it. Deer season (firearm) comes in this weekend so probably going to have limited time to mess with the bike the next few weeks haha. Lesson learned on this thing...... be very cautious when looking at a bike that is freshly washed off and sitting in grass area so as not able to see oil spots under it. I especially like how previous owner mentioned the "fresh oil change". I'm now 0-2 with bad luck purchasing used bikes.
  10. After 24 hrs the drain plug is holding tight with no oil leaking. I think I’m good there. However it appears I also have a leak at the back of the gear housing boot to rear drive axle. I can see oil dripping out of the rubber boot. What are my next steps to fix leak there? The boot is torn in a few spots so it for sure needs replaced for starters. It looks like the whole rear end/swingarm will have to come off to get to that; is that correct? I’m not having much better luck with this bike than I did with the turd of a bike that I just got rid of ugh.
  11. Ha Ajmboy funny you should mention those. I actually bought one of the bottom ones you have listed. I installed it yesterday and put a qt of oil in and am letting it sit for awhile to see how it works before I posted my results. I’ll report back later when I’ve had time to check on it.
  12. That sounds like a good alternative plan as well Spartacus. If I can’t make a bolt and washer work I’ll try that route. I’m not near a hardware store this weekend, but Napa is right in town so figured I’d give that a try first. Wish me luck.
  13. No cracks, just messed up opening. I don’t see how the heck they busted it with the skidplate there. I’m going to Napa in the morning to see what I can come up with for a new plug. Hopefully it’ll work out. If not, no idea what I’ll do then.
  14. Got the skidplate pulled this evening so I could see what I was actually working with. Here is the plug that was in it and what the drain opening looked like. I ground the remaining broken section down flush. The new oem plug doesn’t fit; it is too small apparently. I’ll have to find a new bolt and crush washer that will fit the opening.
  15. well, the threads were still good where drain plug goes, however it looks as if previous owner managed to bust part of the surrounding area of where it goes in. It looks like the drain area of the engine casing had an area that drops down and the actual drain opening is recessed up farther. Well part of the drop down surrounding area has been busted off, creating an uneven area for the plug to screw to. I'll try to get a picture of what I'm talking about this evening. I think I'm going to have to remove the rear skidplate area, which unfortunately is welded to the lower frame, so will have to cut skidplate off. Then hopefully I can grind what's left of the lower part of casing to make it flush. Then should be able to screw the plug in all the way and the crush washer/gasket will seal it up good. That's my plan atleast; will see what happens.

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