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  1. Well ehat do you think. Test will be tonight.
  2. Lots of research lol, and many years of rebuilding cars with my father and grandpa.
  3. I would love a quad but there is no where near me that have trails I can ride. I was given this project for free. I love tinkering on little things like this. I am hoping to flip it to help pay to take my kid on a vacation.
  4. Just so you know about what i mean about my machine.
  5. I hear you about that. All the ones i come across all have cracks abd pretty beat up for the price. I think im going to try and put it up on my machine tomorrow and try to map this out. I should be able to get it close by a couple thousands. (0.001) of where it needs to be. If i have enough pull at my work I might be able to get them to 3d scan it but not sure.
  6. I have access to a an aerospace welding company that owes me some favors. They even have laser welding capabilities. Here is a picture of what the inside looks like. You can see its really blown out. Do you guys think if i have that completely welded in and machined it back to where it should be. That it would hold, or should I try looking for a replacement. Haven't had luck on a decent looking one.
  7. Ask the mechanic how much it would be if you supplied the parts. usually you can get that price cut in half if not more if they don't have to go through the dealer connects that most of them do.
  8. If its not one thing its another. I received the reducing gear to day and put it in. hooked up the battery to test it. It sounded really ruff. so i pulled the reducing gear back out and noticed this crack in the left stater case. Honda part# 11341-HB3-000. Has anyone ever tried to weld these up. I am a CnC programmer so cleaning things back up wont be a problem. I was thinking of getting a brass pin and stick it in then have our local welding company weld it. Only thing is I hear that castings are not weldable any thoughts before i try to disassemble. If I go this route what crap storm am I opening taking this apart?
  9. also that 15amp fuse is it a slow blow fuse or should a regular 15amp car fuse work?
  10. also not sure if you guys can add this to a pin for honda engine id questions, but I found this huge database on serial numbers stamped on engine to engine year and type this is how I found out the exact year and engine I have. https://4-stroke.net/honda-vin-to-year-code-list.html?resetfilters=0&clearordering=0&clearfilters=0&group_by=vin___honda_model
  11. I only need one though lol. I'll just do my solder, crimp and heat shrink. I wanted to let you know though that I got that starter in and its like brand new don't even need to buy a brush kit for it. You helped me out a ton on that find!
  12. does anyone know a clear Wiring diagram for a 1986 Honda TRX200SX can be found without having to buy a membership somewhere? I can find the 1984's everywhere but not the 86. I have a Red wire that comes from the regulator(rectifier) to the key ignition but it splits off someone has cut this wire. I suspect that it runs to the battery with a 15amp inline fuse but want to be sure.
  13. holy cow not sure how you found that that cheap I have been searching all day on eBay. Thanks should be here by the 21-25th fingers crossed. now to go have the honda dealer return the other one. it was for the 250cc not the 200
  14. Anyone have one or know where to get a replacement or the body of one? I found one place but they want $245.00 for it and at that price ill just keep pull starting it. I live in Michigan. i have all the old parts but the magnets blew up in this one. I think previous owners tried to free it up with a sledge lol

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