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  1. Frank we had to put a spacer between the tabs and the throttle body, but it does work, not real thrilled with the setup but it is stable sealed and working
  2. Frank i tried it it does not fit wondered if i was missing something, maybe something that needed to be taken off first, that is why i wanted to know if any one knew something i did not
  3. Frank the one on the right is the original it does take an o-ring around it the left is the replacement part from Polaris
  4. Frank Thank you this part shows from Polaris as the "new" replacement for the TPS, that is what has me confused I can get am image of them when I get home today in case someone has an idea
  5. TPS on Polaris SPORTSMAN 500 efi 2007 shows as bad original part number is 3140173 bought the replacement part it came in as 3131705 the diameter of the ring on the face is 26 mm the original is 18 mm any thoughts on how this "factory" replacement parts fits as i cannot get it to go in?

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