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  1. Yes it is 125. But I was wondering why, or what would cause it to run good with both the starter and main jet set the same. I use just doing trial and err just to if it would fix it and it cleaned up with both of them Jets set the same, 125.
  2. So I have a question about changing my jetting. I'm not real sure what I need to change to or what ones I need to change. What I can say is it runs the best when I have the starter jet and the main jet around the same size, which is I believe # "125 or 135. And it turned out 2 1/2 to 3 turns
  3. Its running ok. I haven't had a change to actually get out and get out and really get on it yet but it's nit getting hot. It has a small back fire not alot but enough to make you think. Abd sti cuts out a tad but I will put that on the air fuel screw
  4. So I finally went out last night and litterly started from scratch. All the way down to piston and rings just to see if there is a chance I fucked something up.. I got it all tore down, then back together looking over everything and doing everything I could to be certain. Started it up and the same thing starts to get hot. I then took the fan off and put it on the other side of the radiator so it would help blow the cool air at the motor rather then help direct it away from the motor likeit normally does I guess, it helped a little but not much. Finally I downloaded the manual and just looked and stared until finally it clicked I had the coolent hoses switched
  5. After i checked the oil I put new oil in it. Then I tested it with just the radiator cap off not real sure what looki for but I believe the water actually moves in a circular motion. I didn't notice it moving but she when I pressed the throttle it pushed sone of it out. I then tried it with the thermostat out. I really didn't get to try it long bc of my nabiours bitching. So I will run that test a second time in an. Is there a test that can be done on the pump it's self? But I was able to turn the fuel mixture screw out 2 turns with it out and it ran ok. It didn't feel like it wanted to die when put in gear and given gas
  6. I just drained the oil and it looks the normal dark color almost like a black. Whqt color discoloration am I looking for? I can send you a video of it being pored or pictures if it helps Would to much oil cause any of this
  7. The fan does work. And there is water anf coolent in it. I will check the o right now to see if it's got anything in it. Whats a good way to check if waret pump is working
  8. I was able to get out today and pole the silencer off. It didn't seem to get as read. The top-end has a soft light ticking since I've adjusted the valves. I read this is normal is this correct. But for some reason it seems to run the best when I have the air fuel mixture screw all the way in, I have already bought a rebuild kit. The only thing I didn't get was the air/fuel screw but it came with a new rubber seal and washer for it. And the other thing the spark plug wire gets so hot it feels like it may melt. When I have the air fuel screw turned 13/4 out it spits and sputters when i put it in gear and let the clutch out
  9. Well I wasn't able to get back out lastnight. Getting around to check things out now. I'm going to recheck my valve settings timing ect. I forgot to mention that the couple times I did test ride it not long after riding it would just quit shut off. I would have to wait and clean the plug. Could I just nock the insides out of the muffler rather then run it without one
  10. Is there supposed to be a cover/cap that goes over the snorkel?
  11. I read that the top end should make a light ticking if valves are correct is this true I haven't been able to get back out and take the muffler off yet. I should be out in about an hour and will let you know
  12. Thats about where i am at 2 turns out. When I did the valves do I make the screw tight on the 20mm or so it will slide on and out with a stiff ease
  13. So I set the valves at .20 mm, the tip of 22mm will fit but 24 won't fit at all. Starts up nice runs ok still need to figure out air fuel mixture for some reason the manual specs are not really working. But I just noticed that my exhaust is turning red coming off the motor. What would be the cause of this.
  14. I'm trying to make sure I got this right. The 3 degrees messes me up some. Here is two picture of the way I have the timing set. I have the 1st and 43rd tooth marked along with the dots on the cams.
  15. Its been confusing the hell out of me bc I seen someplace that they should be set at .008 also And in the manual is says 20-24mm so when I was looking at the gauge I was thinking the .20 was in inches and not mm and I don't know just confused the hell out of me

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