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  1. I noticed you pained the chain too. How did you get just the outside? Or did you paint the outside then tape it and repaint the inside to
  2. That's what it looks like but there is one on it and I asked the people and they said there wasn't any extra parts lol Man that bike looks nice Not going to lie deffeinetly going to steal some of your paint scheme. They painted my foot ped and shit green I like how you're are black
  3. Ok so oe will work. Any idea what that part is for I sent you a picture of? It was in the box of parts and I can't figure it out
  4. I can't see the picture you tried to send. And I'm I just going to order a kit for it just to avoid all the B's, it wouldn't hurt to get it anyways. I didn't get into the carb aga n yet but I'm f it's the needle in thinking if and it has a little c clip in it there is only one spot for it to go. Not saying I looked at it real close either. I'm starting to break it back down see what else needs to be fixed and clean it up at Sam time. Here are a few pictures. Would have have any idea where this goes it was in the box of parts and for the life of me I can't remember. I havent messed with these things since I was a kid and I didn't take it apart to be able to remember where it goes. I thought it was the chain roller but it's on there
  5. Still not working right actually a little worse this time. But if I stick a rag in the end of the air filter box everything works great
  6. Well I think I might have had them in wrong. I seen one was shorted then yhr other so just guessed that it was on top of the other piece lol. And the pain does look real good. I don't think I will be able to do as well but give it what I got
  7. That looks sick. You did a nice job. You use a spray gun or cans. Oh and the main hey is the one with the needle coming in from the other side right? And that gets the smaller hike correct?
  8. I'm getting ready to put it together now and go try it. As far as paint I had my girl pic it up while she was out last night. I told her Kawasaki green she came back with. I mean it does match what someone else already used to paint it once but not what I'm looking for I don't think. She tries though
  9. I went out last night and bought some paint. I was just going to beat it around but figured I have this much time into it already why not fix what needs to be fixed clean it up nice and go from there. I've never actually painted one or gone full out to fix them the right way. Normally cut corners and beat it until it's done. But going to put some effort into it. Will post some pictures later for befor and afters
  10. I couldnt get it to run right for nothing run great at standstill but as soon as I put it in gear just spit and sputter. It would go but just kept cutting out. I kept trying the mixture screw and nothing would fix it. I'm checking now to see if that's what happened
  11. I thought I might have mixed them up. One is actually shorter then the other but can't see what one goes where lol
  12. Thanks for the help, everything seems to be in working order for the most part. Just trying to figure out this crab. I got it all cleaned up, it was real bad on the inside. But for some reason as soon as you put it in gear and give it gas it spits and sputs but if it's just in neutral it's [email protected]
  13. Ok I just wasn't sure. Is there any other test Incan check to make sure the switch works correctly so I don't have any issues with it getting hot on me

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