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  2. I'm sure I could use the $50 to offset the cost of a new set of Holeshots for my 88 Tecate 4/05 ZX-6R hybrid. The 25 year old Dunlops are definitely past there due date, lol...All the heavy lifting is done, now its just a laundry list of small stuff to finish up...its a work in progress. ..I'll post a few pics when I get to the PC Pics of the exhaust (scratch built)...2.5" Fluted 316 Stainless tubing(body), perforated 1.5" 316 Stainless core tubing, Billet 6061 endcaps I cut, and the ends are wrapped with a .75" wide 32g 316 Stainless strip. The other pic is of the tank decals I cut for this project. GunRunner
  3. I just picked up a clean '88 Tecate 4 that needs a little TLC, but I call all the suspected bad parts in trade with it. Any idea where I can find a .pdf service manual for this quad? All I have been able to find were for the Tecate 3's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....

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