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  1. does any one know where i can get a new rear shock hose or even used or can i use a brake line???? any help would be apreciated thank you:confused:
  2. does any one know were i might be able to get a standard 76mm piston for my 300r atc engine or an equivalent piston? please any help just point me in the right direction. thank you,charles from lasvegas.
  3. does any one have a250r with a 300r honda line kit? well my question is wher can u get a 300r piston. i have been all over the internet and only found a few alternitives to problem i have heard you can use a piston from kawaski jet ski 650cc it measures 76mm exactly the standard bore of 300r could this be right? any one with any info please. just want to ride. thanks

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