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  1. Well I already have a flat tire on my quad. Can you guys give me some idea what you use to fix your flats.? Thanks Fred
  2. Well, she's back together and running much better. I still don't get instant release from the clutch when I let up on the throttle. I have to wait two or three seconds before it will let me shift. I am guessing that it does not release instantly like a hand clutch on a motorcycle. ( My raceing days are over anyway) But it does go back to idle now and does not race when I start it. I want to thank everyone who helped me when I needed the help. You guys are great. thank's again Fred
  3. Hi Guys, I just wanted to give you an update. I took the carb. off. I took it to a guy that works on all kinds of engines. He took it all apart and cleaned it. He also found that there is a small rip in the rubber diafram that is in the top of the carb. I ordered the part. It cost 115.00 dollars, ( Good thing I'm rich ) It will be about one week before it gets here. thanks again for the help and the diagram of the carb. It helped bunches. I will let you know how it works when I get it back together. Fred
  4. Hi, and thank you for the help. Yes it has been setting. I will take the carb off and clean it. Is there anything that I can add to the gas that might help clean the inside of the carb. Or is it better just to take it off and clean it. I love this forum. With your help I found the mechanics corner. Being new to quads I will use this fourm often. thank you again. Fred
  5. My first quad and I have a problem. I have a Kawasaki Bayou 300 1997. When I start it. It will go on high idle for about ten seconds before it goes down to low idle. It does this even when I don't touch the throttle or the choke. Also, when I give it some throttle and let go. It will come back to fast idle for about ten seconds before it comes down to slow idle. Therefore I have to wait for it to slow up before I can shift. The throttle linkage drops right back to the stop on the carb buy the rpms stay up for a while. If you have any ideas what might be wrong please let me know. thank you Fred

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