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  1. How many quarts of oil should a 98 Arctic Cat 400 hold. I was told that the oil also served as the differential fluid, so it held 5. Is that too much?
  2. Thanks so much this was a big help, the only thing is that i wish the diagram and pictures would have been labeled. I guess that is asking a lot! Thanks for your help.
  3. yeah, but the carb is extremely clean, so i really think the float valve just needs to be replaced, but im not sure. Im goin to look at it when i get home, i was hoping to be able to replace that valve without taking the entire carb off.
  4. Thanks for responding, the guy i bought it from said that the float valve on the carb could be bad, but would be cheap to replace. Is this what you are talking about? Also, if i have to replace the valve, will i have to take off the entire carb?
  5. I just got a 98 Arctic Cat 400 4x4. The guy i got it from told me it needed a new carbourator. I just got a used one off of an 04, the Arctic Cat dealer in Selma, AL said it would work just fine. The only difference, as far as we could tell was that the throttle was on the opposite side (right side) than the 98 carb (left side). We put it on, but are having a little trouble. We hooked the fuel line to the plastic nipple right behind the throttle plate. Still didnt start, so we then wet a towel with gasoline (very stupid i know...not my idea, we didnt have Ether) and stuck it where the air filter enters the carb, while doin this, it almost started. So, i guess the carb is not getting fuel. I then called the mechanic who sent me the carb, he told me we had the fuel line in the wrong spot, he said it should go in the metal one on the right side. The plastic nipple which broke off while we were messing with it appartently is just for air to get in. Does anyone know if this is true because it still wont start. After i hooked it to the right side, it has a steady gas leak from carb. Also, does anyone know where i could get a replacement for the plastic nipple that broke off (apparently the one for air)? It is a very tight squeeze, and apparently it fits over a little brass swivel. Needless to say i have no idea about ATV engines, and need some adive. Lastly, does anyone know where i can get a manual or a diagram of the engine. Thanks!

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