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  1. Riding last week and the machine shut off, towed it back to camp and discovered that the ignition fuse was blown. Replaced the fuse and as soon as I hit the starter button it blows again. Is there any component that might cause the issue? I checked the wiring runs and could not find any wire breaks. Using multimeter I see a short on the orange wire from the fuse block.
  2. Suggestions for Carb rebuild worked great. Up and running!!
  3. Gas is new, plug is new. It first backfired in 3rd gear going about 15mph. I changed the plug right away, didn't help, the plug was quite black when I changed it. It idles a little rough and when I try to rev it up it starts backfiring. It had been running great all fall.
  4. My 1999 Artic Cat 500 ATV has started bogging down and backfires shortly after starting. Any suggestion for a remedy?

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