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  2. Thanks!! And sorry for any trouble caused by posting in the wrong area. My apologies.
  3. Happy Holidays all!!!!! I will be riding my 700 Grizzly over the holidays in Indiana. We had a few hangups last year so I want to get a good, solid winch so there will be no hang ups this year. I saw a couple of different Warn winches BUT I am not sure which type to buy, an RT or and XT. And which size do I buy. Sorry for the elementary questions, just trying to make sure that I buy the correct one. THANKS
  4. Thank you for the info, I appreciate it.
  5. I rode pretty hard 2 different times while I was in Indiana. I could not get to a power washer before jumping back on the highway. Im back in Atlanta & my Grizzly is still sitting in the garage, as filthy as the day I drove it. Will it be ok if I dont have time to spray it off until later next week?
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzTH8imHdxE]YouTube - Lynnville.mp4[/ame]
  7. I haven't made the big trip yet BUT in reference to the power steering, it's night and day. I say that because I let my neighbor ride mine and vice versa. There is a difference for sure. The arms truly get a workout riding a quad WITHOUT EPS. But if I would have never driven a quad without EPS I guess I would never know the difference.
  8. Thanks 4 all the info fellas!! I got the 700EFI w/EPS. I'm going riding this upcoming wknd. I'll post pics of the trip.
  9. Hello all! My name is ZEEK, I'm based out of Atlanta, GA. I am new 2 the ATV world. I use to ride every now and then when I was in my early teens but I haven't at all since then. I'm now 34(man I feel old) and I'm in the hunt for my 1st ATV. I've had my eye on the Yamaha 700 Grizzly FI Auto 4X4 EPS but I have a few questions. 1. Is there a big difference in the 700 Grizzly WITH EPS opposed 2 the 700 that comes without EPS? I spoke to a salesman at one store and he said that a few of the people who ride them don't like the EPS because they don't have as much control as they do with ATV's that don't have EPS. 2. Is the 700 Grizzly FI too much for a new rider like me? I've been told that if I don't get the 700 I'll be mad if I don't because I won't be able 2 keep up with other riders once I figure it all out. 3. How fast do the 700's go? 4. Do they offer classes in Atlanta for new riders? 5. Do you suggest that I get the extended warranty beyond the standard warranty? 6. Are there any extra safety items(nerf bar, etc) I should add to the ATV besides the actual safety gear that I wear myself? Any other advice you can give a new rider like myself is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! THANKS

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