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  1. Sorry for taking so long to respond, I just got back in town from a vacation. I have tried both a small and large set of vice grips, but I haven’t had any luck on the screws that I can reach with them. The metal is so soft that it just peels away or bends under the pressure of the vice grips.
  2. Here are pictures of two of the screws. All of them are stripped, except for the one I was lucky enough to remove. Hopefully, you can see the slot in the picture. I tried removing it with a screwdriver, but the metal was too soft. Hopefully y’all have better ideas than I have had so far. Thank you.
  3. @Frank Angerano thank you for your advice. I sprayed the WD-40 like you said earlier in the day, and I just tried to get the cord to retract. I haven’t had any luck. I tried to use vice grips on the screws, but there isn’t enough room between the cover and the screw to do any work. I also tried to slit the head of the screw and use a screwdriver to remove it, but the metal is too soft and I still can’t get it loose. I am questioning whether I should cut the head off of the screw and use vice grips after removing to cover to remove the rest of the screw. I would appreciate any other ideas you have.
  4. @Ajmboy Hopefully, if all goes as planned I will have the carb back around New Year, cleaned and ready to use. I’ll have to replace the starter switch, which I’ve researched and found a good price on. I’m not sure how old the battery is, but I can check tomorrow, I’ll probably replace it just to be sure I have a good one. I have one question though. I tried to initially start it with the pull cord, but when I tried the cord went slack and won’t pull back into the spool. I tried to take the screw/bolts out of the cover to remove it and try to fix the cord, but they were previously stripped. How should I go about pulling the cover off in order to fix the cord? Should I just cut a slit in it with a dremel, remove the screw, and find replacements? Thank you for your help.
  5. Hi, I’m a 16 year old that is wanting to get more into vehicle and mechanic repair. My dad has an old ‘96 Timberwolf that he doesn’t remember running since I was born. I want to get it running again as a memory for him and to help us be able to hunt together, and of course so I can learn how engines work more than the little information I know now. I’ve pulled the carburetor and gas tank off of it, and the carburetor is getting cleaned by a friend. I can post photos of the condition it’s in later, I’m just curious where I should start in my journey to get it running again. The power switch is broken off of the handlebar, so I am looking into fixing it, along with the pull cord. I’m afraid the engine is seized up, and I’m curious to hear any input anyone has. Thank you all.

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