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  1. Thanks for the replies, i'll be checking that later forgot to ad that it runs really well for a couple of seconds before the fuel runs out/empties from the carb.
  2. I have a 2008 loncin desert storm that wont stay running. When it ran it ran rough and backfired a lot. Now it will only start with throttle and there's a lot of unburned fuel (white smoke), there's also compression comming out the airbox. Is it the carburetor that is broken?
  3. I was out riding my loncin hunter 250 yesterday when i thought i'd go through a mud hole but it did not liie that and after that it started running bad but still ran all the way home, i shut it off for the night and when i was going to start it this morning it would not fire unless i had full throttle and even then it ran bad with a lot of white smoke. Does anybody have any idea if it can be fixed or if i might as well buy a new quad
  4. I recently got a 250cc utility atv but it's way to slow. What performsnce mods can be done to it? It is the same as the loncin 250 desert storm but had some other chinese name

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