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  1. Hi, no rear brake calipers or rear grab bars. Most of the blasters I fixed up were ones that some kid hacked apart trying to throw trailbike engines in them so there wasn't much left. Buddies of mine would pick them up for almost nothing and then talk me into rebuilding them back into somethiong worth riding. The first thing they seem to do is hack out most of the frame and crossmembers and then they don't know why there no strength left in the frame. I had to make new crossmembers and frame pieces to fit around the trail bike engines so they wouldn't fall apart going down the trails. I had to replace one of the rear brake calipers on one with a whole hydraulic assembly off a Rm250 trailbike and it worked pretty well. About all I have left of the Blasters is a steering stem and the seat. As soon as I can figure out how to post photos I'll post the ones of ewhat I started with for chassy and engine. Thanks, Innusiq.
  2. Hi. I'm taking build up photos of the breeze rolling chassy that was droped off at my house and the old race engine teardown and rebuilt before matching it to the chassy. My daughter is after me to fix up a wheeler for her also, so while I'm waiting for parts for mine I'll be working on hers. Plus I got 3 honda Z50's, 2 honda 200m's, cr80, Suzuki Dr650, a couple Honda 400twins and a couple Honda 750/4 that need rebuilds and repairs for summer. So it may take a little time but it should b a monster when it's done. I need to track down the side plastics that go where your feet go and connect to the front and back fenders and a Breeze seat. I thought one of my left over Blaster seats would fit but it is too long and wide to fit. Anybody got any of these kicking around? Thanks, Innusiq.
  3. Hi, I'm 34 yrs old and have raced almost anything with a motor, and without too I guess. The breeze can be fixed up but it depends on how much you want to spend and how much of the work can you do yourself. I'm a welder, machinist, diesel mechanic, and motorcycle mechanic by trade. I've built and raced import cars, motorcycles, trailbikes, wheelers, trucks, snowmachines, you name it. I got out of wheeling when my kids were born but now I just bought and fixed up a 90cc for my son and a 90cc I'm working on for my daughter. For myself I'm building a 1989 Yamaha Breeze. I've built up a few Yamaha blasters lately with RM 250 2 stroke trailbike engines in them but I wanted something even lighter. The breeze will look almost stock when I'm done but I'm putting a 1978 Suzuki GS400 twin race edition streetbike engine in it. It fits perfect if you just trim the the tin belly pan/stiffner on the bottom of the tube frame. I went with the 1978 engine because it has electric and kick start and at 46hp from the factory and a 6spd manual tranny this little beast will go. I also may install one of my mnotorcycle nitrous kits if it needs it. The only other mods are a custom exhaust, stiffer and longet coilover shocks from a streetbike to handle the wieght of me and the engine and better tires. other than that she will look completely stock and most of that will be hidden by the factory plastic. So iot can be done but the question is why spend that on modding your perfectly running bike when you can sell it to someone that could use it and then buy something bigger to fix up and put your modding money into. Thanks, Innusiq.

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