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  1. Thats for a Bayou, not a Prairie! I have 4 saved searches on eBay that alert me when new items match!
  2. Does anyone have a lead on a Rear Diff for a Prairie 300? My case cracked!
  3. Awesome! Thank you - I hope to dive into it today!
  4. Hello! When I put my Bruin in reverse....reverse light comes on....and the quad backed up. I went forward, and everything was great. Then I tried reverse again, and the light would come on, but the engine would only rev up, it would not move. This has lasted for a couple weeks, then yesterday, when I started it - I tried reverse....and it moved, I moved it forward to try again, and then it refused to move again. I don't know much about these machines (Yamaha) but it seems like even though the reverse light comes on, something isn't telling the bike it's in gear....where should I start with this problem?

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