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  1. I started uploading some Blues music for ya all to check out. I will be uploading more later. Just wanted to see if anyone was interested.
  2. Shaggy- The dude who painted this helmet, is the same guy who painted all the car's for Jesse James when he did Monster Garage.
  3. No, I believe its part of Pickeral lake, between Lewiston and Lovells.
  4. Us and our Quads taking a break on the sandy trails of northern lower Michigan!
  5. Photo taken April 7, 2012. We went on a 9 hour ride that day. Notice my newly painted helmet too!
  6. One of our trails in northern lower Michigan. Its my wife on her machine.
  7. Part of our crew taking a break in the woods of northern lower Michigan.
  8. My wife and I usually go riding for the whole day 6-8 hours, we take the chairs and food and beverages for a trail side lunch break and roast some hot dogs or brats! That's also why I mentioned naps in an earlier post. LOL
  9. Yea, actually it was a dirt road. Alot of our marked trails use old dirt roads and 2 tracks. Makes for some nice ridin.

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