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  1. I found one on Amazon I haven't used yet. Now I'm having difficulty finding front brake calipers. *impossible to find*
  2. Per the manual for my Lakota there's a Neutral switch and a Reverse switch. I am not sure if those are only for the indicators or what.
  3. Have you checked the service manual? I'm not aware of a lockout. I guess as long as it's in neutral there's no speed lockout?
  4. Anyone know where to locate these, or generics? The generics I seem to find have the mount on the wrong side versus the hose outlet. PITA! Also, is the rear master cylinder rebuild kit any good?
  5. Was hoping getting fresh oil in there and running it might help, but nope
  6. Any way to clean the oil glass or replace easily?
  7. FWIW, the moose rebuild kit for the front master cylinder appears good!
  8. How about the 1998 Lakota 300? Manual for that?
  9. So, as for the carb; I found the quad originated in Arkansas. So the needle/diaphragm wasn't set for Florida (middle setting). I set it to one of the extremes to test, and now the thing revs WOT without issue. Fancy that. So much rust on it. thank goodness for Ebay for finding parts. Plastics need to be renewed a bit; will have to research that.
  10. Also does anybody know if the recoil starter is a common part that I can locate as an assembly?
  11. Picked up a 98 Quadrunner 500 for a song. It's in rough shape, but funny enough it turned over and fired on starter fluid. Fuel lines are rotted to snot and the inlet tubes to the carb are rusty. I have a rebuild kit for the mikuni, but I'm wondering if anyone has used any of those alternatives on Ebay or Amazon that say they fit?
  12. Something's up with the electrical system sending signal to the CDI, I think. At some point power signal to the CDI is stopping once you release the start button and it's a no-spark situation. Or maybe the CDI is bad?

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