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  1. By lockout, I don't mean speed lockout, but I can shift past neutral and into reverse without touching the reverse knob on the handlebar. So when your moving and downshifting, it's very easy to go too far past neutral and into reverse while still moving forward = instant wheel lockup.
  2. So I'm having a similar problem on my KEF300 ('95 Lakota)... it will shift right past neutral and into reverse without touching the reverse knob. both the neutral and reverse indicator lights illuminate as they should, there is just no lockout. My reverse knob still has spring tension and will snap back. I've removed the left side crank cover and as able to locate the switch, spring, cam, and pin thats been discussed in this thread... but all looks a-ok, the cam is intact, the spring is good, the pin behind the switch. yet, with all this apart, I can actuate the gear shifter by hand and go str
  3. Thanks as well, this was very useful as I didn't know the exact year of my Lakota.
  4. I've recently acquired a 1995 Kawasaki Lakota KEF300A1 that seems to have a pretty slack chain. I've found an owners manual that talks about the procedure to tighten it to spec, but it mentions "inserting a bar provided in the tool kit into the axle housing and turning it upwards/downwards"... the problem is I don't have the tool kit that came originally with the ATV. Its hard to tell from the picture (and not ever having done this before), but it looks as though this "bar" may just be a pry bar/leverage tool. Is that so and I could just use a screwdriver or anything that fits into the hole? o
  5. I often swap out to the silicon version as well
  6. 2008 GMC Sierra 2500 (LMM Duramax) and a variety of trailers ranging from a 20'+5' Gatormade gooseneck to a 14' Kraftsman enclosed cargo. -Rob
  7. Another vote for Uwharrie.... we used to take the fullsize 4x4's down there all the time.
  8. I have a similar one from Northern Tool that goes on sale often for a similar price... I agree, very handy.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site from Winston-Salem, NC. I own both a 2004 Yamaha Wolverine and a 1995 Kawasaki Lakota.
  10. I've inherited a 1995 Lakota 300... it has the knob in the center of the handbar to twist to go into reverse, but I've notice when downshifting, you don't have to have the knob turned, it will shift right past neutral and into reverse which is a little dicey if not all the way stopped. I followed the linkage back and twisting the knob seems to actuate the lever on the outside of the trans, the internals just don't seem to care about this. What is the likely problem and how back is it to get to? I've never been inside of one of these transmissions. TIA, -Rob

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